How to download MS Office setup?

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Guidelines Related to Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office is the software which is created by the organization Microsoft. This software was developed by Bill Gates on 1st August, 1988 in Las Vegas. Office set up is a suite designed for the home purpose and business purpose. It contains Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power Point. Nowadays, billions of people are using Microsoft Office setup. For the text documents, you can use MS Word, for spreadsheets and storing data use MS Excel, and to create Presentation use MS Power Point. For the installation of MS Office online visit to this site The purpose of all the programs has its own features which are as follows:

MS Word:

In MS Word, you can format the text document like by adjusting header, multiple columns, page number, and change the font and color of your choice. Once you have saved the document, you can edit again and again. You can use text boxes and smart art in the text documents.

MS Excel:

In MS Excel, you can analyze data, link data and create spreadsheets using formulas. You can also do formatting in spreadsheets (fonts, color, regarding spacing).

MS Power Point:

In MS Power Point you can create custom slides and can also add new data in the existing template. You can do animation in the images and text documents. Access your Office

If you want to access your Office Account, then go to the, Sign In to your Microsoft Office Account, then select your account name from the upper right corner. After that select My Account from the list of options. Through this way you can manage or access your Office account. Guide

You can use this short guide to know about what MS Office is, Why MS Office is used, How you can install, download or activate Office setup. Which plan is better for homes and businesses. What is the difference between the paid plan or non-paid plan. Download

When you visit to this site you get the full information about the Microsoft Office. If you want to download the Office setup you will first sign in your MS account, then enter the product key of 25 digit, then visit to install it, then select Install Office.

Office Installation Help

If you find some errors or difficulty in downloading, installing or activating the MS Office, then simply you can take assistance from the technical team of MS Office anytime. You can also call on toll free number of MS Office team. They are experienced and can guide you 24/7 at free of cost.

What is Office 365 and Office 2019?,

Office 365 plan is used for homes and offices. It gives you the latest features which you can use on your mobiles, laptop, PC, Tablets etc. In this MS Office 365 plan gives you free technical support. 6 people can share this plan and on multiple PC.

Office 2019 plan is a onetime purchase. The features which are available at the time of purchase, you can enjoy only that feature. In this upgrade options are not available. If you want the features of latest versions, you have to purchase the latest versions. But in this plan you get the security and quality updates. This plan will run on Window 10 effectively.

Install Microsoft Office:

• In the search bar, visit
• If you have a MS Office account, then Sign In. But if you don’t have the account then creates the new MS Office account.
• From the drop down menu, choose the subscribed product.
• Enter the 25 digit product key.
• To download Office setup, then click on the “Download” option.
• After download, visit to install it.
• Then select Install Office.

Technical Help:

If you have some problem in downloading, installing and activating Microsoft Office then you can take assistance from team of MS Office 24/7. Or you can call on toll free number at any time.

What are the features of Microsoft Word?

The features of MS Word are formatting, editing, creating text document and also the ability to save and print document. You can install MS Word via . The installation of in your device makes it easy to install any software. antivirus can also install for the protection of your devices.